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For the Children


R.L. Walker

Dedicated to the teen writers who have sent in their works to 

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Where has all the Wisdom gone?
What manner of “leaders,” these?
As congressional sessions … open with Prayer,
Schools warn children: … “Pray!? … Don’t you dare!”

For shame! Driving a “wedge”
While toddlers learn “… One Nation, under God …” to pledge.
Aren’t you embarrassed, by this point in time,
To look in their eyes … with ”In God We Trust” … on a buck, and a dime?

Pray tell, Lady Justice … what is wrong?
Your blindfold, slipping? … Gone?
Who weighted your scales to tilt?
This Nation … upon “Equality under the Law,” …not built?

Lady Liberty … How did your gown get so soiled … and frayed?
Schools expelling children … (because they prayed!?)
While others wearing Hallowe’en masks,
Are parading the halls … from class to class. 

Oyez, Oyez, … Oh, highest of courts,
Why do you tinker with laws on crime and torts?
Exonerating liars, killers, thugs, and thieves,
All the while shaming a child … because he believes? 

Oh, “august body,” so-called “leaders” of men,
Go! Start your sessions with prayer … and “Amen.”
And while denying that “Right” … to our schools,
You openly state … all the Children are fools?

So … while the cameras are rolling, as you’re filling that chair,
While “Preacher” is opening that next session with prayer,
Try bowing your head, hair spray, make-up and all,
Asking “Forgiveness” for overlooking “The Small,” 
For Leadership flows … “from the top level down,”
And when it is missing … it’s not just the Children who frown.

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