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Now - What Day Today Is It?


R.L. Walker

Today is not Tomorrow,
Tomorrow never comes, 
There is no way,
To live a day,
That has not yet begun.

Yesterday’s Tomorrows?
We’ve named those days “Today,”
They are the main events we call “Right Now,”
Why waste them all away?

Yesterday is not Today,
That’s Gone… It Went… Remember?
Be quick to see how great “Now” is,
Be it April, June, November?

There is no way, to change this Day,
From “Now” into Tomorrow,
Don’t even try, Don’t even pray,
(A Suggestion nice to follow!)

A Never day, or those long Past,
Are out of reach…or gone,
Just move along with “Now” - Today,
Enjoy it while it’s on!

Today, “Right Now,” Is not so bad,
I’m sure I think you’ll find, 
Right “Now” is much more enjoyable,
When you bring along your Mind?

So live “Right Now,” Today!
Enjoy it in good cheer.
Don’t waste your Time,
By wondering how,
To bring back Yesteryear,

I know I’ve pushed “Today,” too much,
To you, this must be clear.
I know about my redundant touch,
But, I need you “Now!” - Right Here!!!

So the moral: “Now you know why most Poets die broke!"

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