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Seattle Rain


R.L. Walker

BRRRRRRRRRR!!! Seattle’s winter rain is just too darn cold to even take Gulp, my pet goldfish, jogging. So what’s a little tyke to do for eleven months out of the year? (I remember, how, last year…summer fell on a Thursday…and it was really swell. Dad took us all on a picnic, in the woods, in the “warm” rain.)

Anyway, I’m only 4 years old and the big deal for today is to keep myself amused. I like Saturdays. Dad usually spends time with me talking about “stuff.” Last weekend he told me all about belly buttons. And…oh, yeah…he told me about the big cardboard box the Space Needle came in. (He said someday he would take me to see the what the Mayor did with that box.)

Funny thing …this Seattle rain. Not really a whole lot of it, but it sure takes a long time to all come down.

I suppose I could put on my winter raincoat, and boots, and make some mud patties in the yard. Mom doesn’t mind as long as I stay outside long enough for the rain to wash all the mud off. My new neighbor friend, Tommy, just moved up here from California. He doesn’t quite have the “hang” of it yet. (Said he got in trouble for tracking mud all over the carpets.) I’ll teach him how to do the “bicycle pump” thing I do…gets my boots nice an clean. Dad taught me that trick. Only problem is…I don’t think Tommy can swim yet…and it’s important to lay down in a shallow puddle…unless you can swim. (I always carry my snorkel with me…just in case.)

I’m not supposed to make any noise yet. I have to be quieter than the rain. Everyone else is still asleep. I think it’s OK to start making some noise … once it gets light outside. I know that’s not too far off. I can tell by the clock. The big hand is on the 12, and the little hand is on the 4. The big hand only has to go around about 5 more times. If it takes too long I think I remember which button, on the back of the clock, makes the time go by faster just by turning it a few times. I have to be careful though. Last time the alarm went off. Wrong button. (I don’t like it when Dad, and everybody else, are standing there, with their hands on their hips, frowning at me.)

I think I’ll listen to the rain pitter patter against the windows for a while. That always makes the time go by fast. I really like putting my ear up against the wall, too. I can hear the raindrops hitting against the side of the house. Sometimes they sound like funny words. Dad heard them too. He said he thinks they are speaking Spanish. (Although, sometimes, when it’s raining real fast, I think they sound a lot like bacon sizzling.)

I better go check the clock and see if it’s almost time yet.

(Drats! Hardly even moved. Hmmmm…let me see…which button was that? I’m pretty sure it was this one………..!!!)

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