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The Quilt


Rachelle Arlin Credo

I was scouring through my old closet the other day
when I found the patchwork quilt Granny once gave me
It looked soiled with a tinge of orange and yellow
And a portion's torn out just a little down below.

The black mountain that served as the axis to the rest
Had turned to grey with a whitish crest
The green fields looked a little yellowish
While the rice grains are heaped on a bulky dish.

The block at the right is still beaming with pride
with the reds and pinks sewn in gleeful vibe
It's surrounded with soft blues, greens and earth tones
Quite a hard mix it seemed overblown.

The colors on the left are quite a delight
An array of pastels all stark and bright
The patterns vary from yellows and blues
What a slew of exclusion and excellent hues!

The orange swatch made all the conspicuous difference
It was so vivid, it gleams with luminescence
I wonder what Grandma felt when she stitched this part
She must have felt pain and fury in her heart.

Whatever the reason why Grandma made it for me,
be it a legacy or a mere present for my birthday.
I would forever hold it close and shall never part
for this is how much she loved me, she gave me her "heart".

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