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Another Day


Ray Wayne

Thereís not much room here to pray, Dear Lord
But I need to talk to you - Iím having this vision
Iím scared - not of dying, but of letting my men down
Please help me make the right decision

I have not talked to you very much over the years,
I knew you were busy and I could think on my own
Now weíre pinned down - and I donít have much hope
Be with my men, Dear Lord and lead them home

Joe there is an atheist, but he is crying and alone
Bill just got here - heís feeling so far away from home
Johnís at point - I havenít heard from him at all
Neil is a new daddy, he lives just north of the Astrodome

Donít worry about me - Dear Lord, Iíve been here before
But my men, Dear Lord - I owe them their lives and more
They trust my judgment, my training, my will to survive
Please donít let me fail to keep them alive

The night has passed, the daylight is a blessing
I look around - there is Joe and Bill and Neil
Where is John? I see him! I think the worst - 
I know he is gone - then he looks up and smiles

There are choppers on the horizon - coming to take us home
Only a few minutes more, but for me its time enough to pray
Thank you Dear Lord for our survival
Thank you for allowing us to have another day.

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