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Finally Others


Raye McDonald

If a doctor said to me, "You'll live one year at best,"
I wonder how I'd live my life
before that final rest?

Would I plan my funeral and call my pastor in?
Would I tell him EVERYTHING
to purge myself from sin?

Would I really search my soul to rid myself of me,
and seek to live my final days
in authenticity?

Would I look at my talents and gifts, however large or small and 
lay them all out bare?
Would I try to find creative ways to give them
or to share?

Would I live life to the fullest, each and every day,
and would I reach out in love to my family in
every possible way?

Would I let my friends into my life to share my pain;
to pray and hold my hand, as
I walked through the valley of darkness
toward God's promised land?

And finally, would I learn to live for others, instead
of just for me?
Perhaps if I did just that, I'd meet God so

This poem was inspired by the sermons of Rev. Bill Murray, who is suffering
the ravages of ALS. Please join me in walking with this man of God through
his darkness. Help him keep his days full by writing him and giving him
your prayers.

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