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Reghan Santi

It fit, as if it were a sign. What could that sign be though? Could it really mean anything or was it just an object? I figured it out, it meant love. It meant being there for me. It meant never giving up on me.

I was so happy when my mom gave me her class ring. It meant everything in the world to me. There wasn't a day I left the house without it on. Looking at the ring, I feel as if my mom is there with me, like she never leaves my side. I feel secure.

There are those days when I hate her and I can't stand even seeing her face. These days just make us stronger and closer to one another. I feel as if this ring keeps us together.

The days when my mom can't make it to one of my games to watch me, I know she is really there. It may not be physically, but her lover and pride for me never leaves my heart. I look down at the ring and smile, picturing her there yelling for me.

It fits snug as if it's not suppose to leave my finger. There's no break in the band representing her never ending love for me, and her name on the side of the ring I wear closest to my heart.

Then bond my mom and I have will never end. No one will come between us and no one will ever replace her.

This ring I wear isn't just a ring to me. It means so much more than that. At first I questioned it, not knowing why she even gave me her ring. I later came to conclusion, it meant so much more than that. Everything has a meaning, it just takes time to find out what the meaning is.

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