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Nothing Left


Rekhuh J. Allen

Chaotic thoughts running rampant through a troubled mind
Suppressed emotions breaking to the surface
Through broken barriers,
past once tight restraints
All semblance of control shattered
The last shred of will broken,
whipped into submission
A soul that once shown brightly,
reflecting in shining eyes
Now is nothing more than darkness,
lurking behind wounded eyes
Tired of being put down,
constantly accused
Tired of carrying all the blame,
accepting all the pain while wearing an emotionless mask
Sick of the world,
loathing all that has become of life
Backed into a corner,
no strength left to fight
No way out,
no options left
Nothing left but suicide
Decision made,
that last line crossed
Picking up the sharpened blade,
reflecting in the dimmed light
Slowly dragging it around each wrist,
then down the inside of each arm
Cutting into soft flesh,
leaving a trail of crimson behind
Too focused on the emotions inside
Oblivious to the pain the blade has caused
Nothing else left to do,
nothing to stop what has been done
Sitting there in the fading room,
feeling the very essence of life pour out,
leaving crimson puddles on the tiled floor
Images of a life lived,
flashing before dimming eyes
Finally taking in that last deep breath,
letting it out in one final sigh
There was nothing left but suicide

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