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Rekhuh J. Allen

We used to be inseparable
The four of us, closets friends
Pulling craz stunts together
Daring each other on
Thinking we were untouchable, invisable
We found out we were wrong

Katie, with her sparkling emerald eyes and curly blonde hair
Always there to lighten up the mood
The one that always seemed to make me smile,
no matter my brooding and dark moods
Your life taken unexpectantly that rainy night
Trapped in the crushed car,
nothing but silence enfolded you,
No one but Death to greet you
No more smiles graced my lips
Hardly a word spoken,
except to damn the drunk that hit you

Rhian, with her agressive attitude that rivaled even my own
Her carefree, careless personality and her protectiveness
That later became her downfall
So set in your decision to fight, no matter what the cost
Protecting your little brother was your ownly thought
I wasn't there to watch your back
You knew I would've fought beside you,
so you kept me in the dark
You went down like you always said you would
Fighting until the end

Kendra, with her quick whit and sense of humor
Always a sarcastic reply,
used to cover up what was really felt inside
You used the needles to escape
To try and block out the pain of our daily lives
I knew what you were doing
I understood it all
And then, on that cloudy, sullen day
I went to your house, only to find...
flashing blue and red lights, cops in uniform
Iwas hit with a feeling of dread that made my head spin
I knew I would never see my one last friend again

What once started out as a group of four
Was broken down, leaving only one
Leaving behind a loner with nothing else to lose
Angry and confused,
Questioning why I'm the only one alive

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