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Liam and Jane


Richard Elliott Zanteson

I love those two kids
Liam and Jane
We play together
Until we’re in pain

They tell me to hide
And run over there
The next thing I know
They want to play bear

They kick me and punch me
And climb on my back
Once more for good measure
I get a good whack

We like to play tag
Then hide and seek
One time they lost me
For almost a week

They like to be held
Upside down by their feet
Until they turn red
Red as a beet

They're so good at running
I hardly keep up
But I'm just an uncle
Not much of a pup

We like to eat pizza
And hot dogs too
They taste pretty good
When they're covered in goo

Their parents aren't bad
As parents will be
But each kid thinks
They should only like me

They're really quite smart
'Cause they both go to school
They even read books
And swim in a pool

For Christmas and birthday
They get lots of stuff
But I'm sure if you ask them
It's never enough

They like to get dirty
And play with their rabbit
They must really like to
It’s an everyday habit

They also have chickens
I think they have four
Unless they forgot
To shut the coop door

Next time I see them
We’ll play some more games
‘Cause Liam and Jane
Are my two favorite names

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