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Love Quest


Richard G-Man

Walk with me now in my mind’s eyes; try to imagine a world free from restraints; a span in time; no longer imprisonment of mind.

My heart longs for this place, free from a world of faces; an island of liberty, our love filling all spaces.

Heaven grant my sole wish, my hope is beyond the stars; this world alone couldn’t contain my love. My joy alone inside wouldn’t blanket the powder blue sky. Secreted tears for you from my soul would become crystallized diamonds from the sudden release of pressure held so long inside.

Imagine us loving so freely, what a wonderful world this would be. Our love could stop wars, if only this world could see; me loving you, you loving me. The fouls of heaven could take a rest, tucked safely in their nests.

Our own love song would now fill the air with melodies of passionate moans and groans; floating on the wings of morning to the sunset of the evening, resting only to the star lit sky.

Could you imagine sweetheart total freedom to love you? Could you imagine such a place, a land void of haste? This love we share is so true. I look into your eyes and see my dream is your dream too. We share one heart, one dream.

We feel each others pain and as hearts embrace there’s such joy, for we know positively life will never be the same.

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