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Unscheduled Departure


Richard G-Man

Saying goodbye to a love so true, my heart breaking, wiping tears as I write to you .In a million years I never imagined I would meet someone like you. You are the air I breathe, the essence of my happiness. You are my thought between each beat of my heart, my fine memories of you I know will never depart.

You have changed my life in so many ways, changing all my dark nights into days. Even now I long to be in your arms, to kiss your sweet lips and once again be drenched in your waters of love.

As fate would have it this fairy tale can no longer be. We were awaken to a harsh reality. Our dreamland was shaken by circumstances that be, our utopia of love people just couldnít let be.

So Iím forced to say goodbye on this lonely night, my heart ripped in pieces. Does this make the world right? I contemplate why true love for me canít be. My pain increases with the thought of letting you go; tears drown my eyes, I canít handle this pain inside.

As I look into your eyes for strength, my lover canít help me now. Tears flow from your eyes like the rain from heaven, she cries. So many times we reached out to comfort each other but we just canít this time, compelled to do as people say, to pull apart and just let our love die.

With deepest regret I write these last words. Remember me if you would; for I was born for you if only for this time. Let it be edged in history, your love I will forever treasure from eternity to eternity past.

Our love is deeper than the ocean, soars beyond yonder skies. No one could ever match it; here or in the sweet ole bye and bye.

Iím certain you are the one for me that sadly couldnít be; left joyless my once musical harp now silenced; Iíll hang it on the old willow tree.

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