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I Heard it in Your Eyes


Bob Schackner

No matter what you say
And for all our sad good-byes.
I know how you feel about me
Because I heard it in your eyes.

Lifeís not always the way weíd like it to be
Itís got some sadness, deceit and lies.
Yet I know that you care so much about us
Because I heard it in your eyes.

Your words confuse me some of the time
And our conversations end in heavy sighs.
But I donít think you want me to quit on you
Because I heard it in your eyes.

When you look at me, you often say things
That leave me asking the wherefore and whys.
But beyond all that, I feel you really love me
Because I heard it in your eyes.

Your eyes say more than your lips have spoken.
And despite the lows and highs
I know itís right to love you
Because I heard it in your eyes.

I heard it in your eyes
Whenever you looked into mine.
And your heart said to me
What your lips could not define.

So Iíll keep on trying
And Iíll listen to my heart.
And each time I look in your eyes
Iím sure itís the right place to start.

And now I long for the day
After all the sadness and all the cries
When you say to me out loud
What youíve said all along with your eyes.

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