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Howling Night


Rod Stewart

Long ago during the Dark Ages there were no lights in the evening sky. With blackness more thick than the depths of Hades. So when the sun fell off the edge of the Earth everyday, most humble folk chose to retire near the bright comfort of a fireplace.

A warm hearth and flowing ale attracted many souls afraid of taking their chances during the eve boding darkness worse than sin itself. Gathered round such a tavern table among the raucous crowd were two knights. Towering above his flock of cooing barmaids reigned Knight Wolf. His stature and face honed more handsome than the finest steel. Trumpeting his many brave tales that shone in the wenchs' eyes. Glowing as bright as his huge shield. Polished so lovingly like his vanity, that the glare foreced one to look away.

Nearby in a quiet corner stewed Knight Moon. Alone and envious of such attention. Comforted only by the stench of mead. That added to his rotund girth. And somehow smelled sweeter as the evening rolled by. Those who ridiculed his awkward appearance were sharply stung by his wiley wit. Finding themselves quickly asunder in most uncompromising embarassment.

Knight Moon reckoned that if Knight Wolf was without his brazen shield perhaps he would be more humble. And perhaps Knight Moon might receive more recognition. Cunning thoughts began to churn. Knight Moon woddled up to Knight Wolf. wiping the ale from his drooling chops he crowed "You have a fine audience this evening Knight Wolf! However these affectionate jewels are merely pale rhinestones compared to the brilliant beauty of Princess Light"

Knight Wolf snarled "Humph! Pay no mind to that blubbering coot. There are none more fair than the queens among my arms !" However, curiosity nourished a pestering thornbush within his garden thoughts. Raising uncomfortable doubts and questions. At the end of the evening when snoring bodies huddled beneath blankets, Knight Wolf poked Knight Moon in the ribs with the hilt of his sword. The deep fat tub pickled by a barrel of ale needed two or three more firm blows to rouse Knight Moon to conciousness.

"Wha..?!" blurted the pork-ly carcus.

"Tell me about the Princess!" demanded Knight Wolf.

The gullible Knight Wolf had taken the bait. Knight Moon warmed his devious mind to the plot at hand. Raving that the charm of the Princess is only matched by the greatness of the journey it would take to reach her. Knight Moon described a tortuous maze of lesser known paths through brambled glen, quicksand swamp and boulder pregnant knoll .Surely a month's journey for even the most determined love struck soul. Knight Wolf would make that diamond his bride before the leaves blushed with the autumn season. And so he departed well armed with a single arrowed mind the next morning.

Meanwhile, Knight Moon assembled a wagon of hardware together. Buckets of spikes, rough hewn boards plus barrels of mortar and brick. Two fools that were bribed tongueless about the plot. Add an evening gown cheated from one of the barmaids. They left together towards a destination unknown in the drowning ink of twilight.

About a month later Knight Wolf had arrived near death exhaustion at the foot of a cliff. Murmuring surf lapping the granite toes of the escarpment rising nearly to the clouds. He staggered like a crab around the next cove. Quickly surprised by the view of a single tower snaking alongside the ragged bluff. Squinting, Knight Wolf caught a glimpse of an ivory figure at the top. Illuminated by a lonely lantern.
With crackling voice Knight Wolf hollered" Hail! Who be thou that is a beacon to this godforsaken outpost?"

In feminine wail "Lo! A Princess now a prisoner of misfortune. Who art thou? Darkness deceives me. Please build a fire below to unveil your prescence." Knight Wolf obliged. Mustering what feeble strength and dignity he had to gather scattered boards and driftwood. Exchanging enamoured word all the while with the damsel bird above. In short time a bonfire was flaming to the heights of unquestionable desire. Directly the Princess unraveled a trustworthy cord down the wall towards her rescuer. Knight Wolf spidered up the stone wall one heave and gasp at a time bearing gallant shield upon his back.
As a night crawler he slithered over the final topmost brick. Only to discover to his horror that the Princess was none other than Knight Moon dressed in disguise.

"How ?!" cried Knight Wolf. His pride scorched more painful than the timber smouldering below.

"Knight Moon laughed " While you were gallavanting over the countryside, I took the short route to the bluff within a week. Then built this modest tower. And now I will take your shield!"

There was a brief tussle of sword and muscle. With both of them falling over the edge. Toppling a keg of shiny spikes in the melee. Some of the spikes impaled Knight Moon's gown to the sackcloth of the night sky. As he floundered, turning the shield to and fro. Waning from crescent to full within a month's passing. As surrounding scattered caught spikes catching it's reflection as starlight forever more. And Knight Wolf having plunged into the smoking pit below. His hide singed death black for eternity. With eyes of searing ember. And a pair of spikes stabbed into his skull. Unsheathed as angry steel fangs. Howling at the Moon " Ow..Ow..Owww..."

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