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And Shine


Rusty Broadspear

To take the bread and wine
And shine.
Close one's eyes
To watch the fireflies
Dance immortality.
On a sinking row boat
Striving for land in sight
In the grasp of a rainbow
Absorbing God's light.
Projecting dreams to dreamers
As mislaid souls
Patiently linger for hosts
To complete unwritten goals.
Elvis croons with voice and eyes
In Hawaii.
Armstrong gravels with pure heart
From cracked vinyl.
Perceived residual traces
Of faces, visitors
To this park bench,
Float, shimmer.
To take the bread and wine
And shine,
I also take their illness
Grief, sleeplessness
Pride and fulsome love.
Purple shadows
With frenzied moths in lamplight
Swarm the heads of couples in love
A myriad of feather earrings.
The moon rolls slowly
With mock surprise
And a wink.
'Tis heaven you know,
To chill once in a while.
To take the bread and wine
And shine
And smile.

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