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Astral Travel


Rusty Broadspear

The backdrop was a comfortable lounge in a manor house,

Lights were dim and Frank Sinatra was doing it his way.

We shared a bottle of expensive wine, we didn't converse.

Our minds rode together through a long and varied yesterday.

The masses toiled and died as generations passed by.

The Great Wall of China was built, then crumbled and fell.

Composers composed, their signatures destined for the future,

Of swing, pop, punk, a future they wouldn't want to foretell.

Nations, races and religions fought and moved around the globe.

Species of animal, insect and fauna, arrived with beauty, then went.

We observed our ancestors struggle, survive, fail and succeed,

The beauty of the birth of humanity then watching it ferment.

The airwaves around us suggested Sinatra was long gone.

Jennifer Rush was powering the song 'The Power of Love.'

We cried with the whole world many times in the 20th century,

We held tight to each other as we watched from above.

The grandfather clock announced a very late hour,

The room flicked from the flames of the fire,

Picking up our glasses, our eyes and souls locked,

We were in love and on occasion we flew higher and higher.

Riding time and space, a development of like minds - however

The night when John Lennon was serenading us with 'Woman'

We inadvertently took a flight into the future and I found myself alone.

Now the room flickers silently from frightening scenes on the TV, 

As I travel back to rescue her from what should be unknown.

The boy from 'The House of the Rising Sun' was not me

I was born into untold riches and therefore had access to other worlds.

I shouldn't have invited and trained her, for love was enough,

But she wanted excitement, so the petals of our lives unfurled.

NB Astral travel is something that maybe one shouldn't try,

I have done, with minimal success (maybe just imagination!).

But nonetheless the idea is intriguing

And maybe (JUST MAYBE), we are developing, growing

Learning from the past, and maybe (JUST MAYBE),

We will survive.


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