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Rusty Broadspear

Scratched my back on the gate

Gate opened, so went through.

Well……Eeek… That’s what you're supposed to do.

Already miss Mum, ‘cos I’m thirsty,

Miss all my sisters and bruvs

And all the playing

Hugs ‘n’ Eeek loves.

Now I’m Eeek really scared!

Seen the Big Red Monster

Luckily he’s asleep.

Only wakes up when the man gets on his back.

Then you should see him,

He goes wild!!!! Eeek!! Eeek!! Eeek!!

Runs all over the field

Eeek Chopping down all that grows

And if th’aint anything growing

He digs in his big Eek claws

Gouging the earth.

But whatever he does,

The man never falls off.

Then the BRM gets tired

Goes to sleep

And Eeek the man gets off.

So now I am tippytoeing eek

So I don’t wake him,

Trouble is the mud is slippy slidey

And I Eek keep falling

And rolling on my back.

Eek good fun really ‘cept for the BRM.

The man brings us food and washes us

With a big Eek squirty snake Eek.

Can you believe it?

Just got off my back Eek again

Then fell on my face

Into a pile of food.

Yummy Eek Eek yummy

Gonna fill my tummy.

All very sour Eek bitter

But Crispy crunchy

And Ooooooh so very Eek Eek juicy!

And the bestest thing is

I don’t have to share

I can eat the scrummy Eek lot.

Aaaalll Eek gone

Feel tired

Checked on BRM and he’s still asleep.

Oh Eeeeek no!!

Got a bubbly tummy 

Mummy said do the squirts

It stops the hurts.

So I have

Again and again and Eek again!!

Somebody coming, running!!

So I hide behind the BRM.

Hope it’s not the man

‘Cos then BRM’ll wake up!

Crouching, shaking, squirting and hurting

And, Oh NO! Eeeeek! - Now crying.

I hear snuffling, snorting

It can’t be

Surely not

Is it?

Squirt Eek hurt

I think it is

Please, please please let it Eek be

It is!! It is!! It is!! It Eek is!!

Mummy!! Mummy!! Mum Eeek my!!

Oh Eek mummy I Eek love you Eek.

And she kissed me

And kissed Eek me

And kissed me.

Then she let me have a good Eek warm drink.

Then she took me home

To sleep

With all my Eek sisters and Eek Bruvs,

But that was after

Lots of hugs and Eek luvs.

Night Night..................Eek.

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