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Rusty Broadspear

The ride was boostin’, shake, rattle an’ rollin’.

Rocktastic, white knuckle, doo wop, doo wop wop.

Astride a spear, embracing a bullet, roastin’.

Feedin’ on fear, devouring dread, kickin’ buzz, don’t stop.

Suited, helmeted, pressured, relaxed, floating foetal.

Uncut umbilical, cold steel, night, day, home and away.

Single cell amoebic, microscopic, infinitesimal, space beetle,

Slowly turns to face bountiful blue globe, a tear, silently pray.

No angry voices, borders, religions, no sign of starvation,

Fearsome beauty, glory allelujha, night races, day chases.

Surely no war, conflict, wanton destruction, nation against nation,

Meaningless death marked on millions of hollow empty faces.

How many at this moment are looking to the stars, craving?

Maybe multitudes. There’s one, to whom I blow a spacial kiss.

Stella’s stare sweeps from watch to the Heavens, she’s waving.

For a second I’m her star. Such distance, such connection, such bliss.

Slowly turn to the Universe lights, countless sparkles on vast black.

Deep, infinite, abyss, mysterious cosmos, pulling at my mind.

A silence so profound, unheard of, off the scale of what we know,

Yet I hear the heartbeat of Life, gently rhythmic, loving, kind.

No shake, rattle an’ rollin’ or doo wop, doo wop wop, climbin’ down

To the foresaken rattlesnakin’ world, realtastic, bump, down to Earth.

I’ve sailed the flight paths of the few, what most men dream to do……..

Stella and I, arm in arm, heart in heart, smile as we gaze up, to the place of our

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