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Big Hair and Bow Finger


Rusty Broadspear

Big Hair lost her bigness several months ago.
Now shoulder length, brown and pretty cute,
Highlights and matches those 'so deep' eyes
But a sense of humour is her biggest attribute.

Bow Finger has hands like seen on china dolls,
Flawless, light, feminine and unmanicured.
The bowed little finger, smilingly endearing
And wide blue eyes to die for - rest assured.

Big Hair has a real name - meet, Laura Dorable.
I remember her from when she was new.
Her big hair held robins as she prodded the till
Sometimes her hesitancy sent hair askew.

Bow Finger has a real name - meet Cathy Licious.
Those fingers (all of them) flutter across the till
Like a spider that I know, so nimble and artistic,
Watch at your own risk and beware of the thrill.

Laura Dorable and Cathy Licious work the pumps
And take the cash with the fluidness of engine oil.
Lubricating customers with exquisite dexterity,
An ultimate 'double act' supreme, efficient, loyal.

Dorable and Licious, say 'Hello mate' 'Cheers mate'
But in between, they always have something else to say
Like 'Who are you?' 'What do you do?' 'We're bored.'
Sounds mundane? Heck no! They always make my day.

Now, one of the duo has quit because of poor pay
And that leaves Laura Dorable with 'so sad' eyes.
Her cheery spark has gone, now there is only one.
'You OK, what's wrong?' Only mumbled replies.

A petition for Big Hair and Bow Finger is raised.
I signed, of course, for they are surely, two of a kind.
Big Hair and Bow Finger are beautiful people,
Unknown, unseen, manipulated, undermined.

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