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Candy Floss Laughter


Rusty Broadspear

There is new work at the fairground
To behold.
See that spinning carousel in your eyes
Highs, lows, speed dips, flush of cheeks,
Tweaks of pleasantness
As we step from the ride,
The rush of smells, spells excitement.
Womanly smells invade
As in drunkard arm in arm walk.
Slide the helter skelter
Legs, arms, splinters, welter
In the heat, feet in the air
On coconut matting.
So much laughter and after
Burrowing heads into candy floss
The gloss of the night
As we walk and talk toffee apples.
The big wheel takes us to the stars
Back down again in cold and rain
But they go unnoticed
Kissing open mouths, wet
Happy and the music rocks
And dipping rising blurred horizons
Are reflected in her face
The place I aim for.
Love boats queue for a tunnel
Stumble, we nearly drown
In such sweet tenderly moments
As we climb aboard rocksteady
We are not ready
As the tunnel swallows passions
And shadows of sincerity
Stroke her face, to place me
In a position upon my knees
Wanting a mere fraction
Of the wealth of quality
Of pure supremeness
A touch, a look
Of shadows from mock rock walls,
Lighting, so frightening
Above, below,
And then we exit to the tune
Of kids wanting a go
So slow we pull into the side
Disembark the ride
Discover the gold that's what we did
Left the fairground behind
To find
The car that was parked up
On a side street, dark, cold
But we'd discovered gold
And we kissed candy floss lips
With toffee apple smiles
Hugging tight oh so tight
Saving each other
From dangers in the dark side street.
And fingers of music from the fairground
Reached us
Breached us, the moment
And we laughed with sticky teeth and lips,
Quips about the night
Bounced back and forth.
One of us popped a CD
It was crap and we laughed even more
And the rides and the dipper
Ghost train, now there was a something,
Knew no danger, but did she hug me?
Yep! You bet! And the smell of foreverness
Was visible
In her so, so, scared eyes
Needless to say I held her
Warded off the spookies, ghoolies
And then we swirled into a togetherness.
Back in the car we became sort of silent
Full of mind noise
Somehow we knew
And the fairground slipped silently away
And we gently kissed candy floss lips
And we, so slowly pondered,
What lay in store for
The following week.
Too weak to speak, we held each other
And nothing else mattered
And the crap CD played on.
The tunnel of love worked
We can't be the first
But you know the thirst for discovery
Is found in places
That are in our faces..........
Don't search
And then he spun the ride
And my face, her face in unison
Raptured into oneness
That gripped, ripped, tore, shredded
Our very souls
And he spun again and again
And we spun with him shouting for more
Holding tight
With candy floss laughter
And we loved so much......................

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