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From This Day On


Rusty Broadspear

Across marble floor, ‘twixt pillars of stone,

Trailing gossamer gown, floating toward me.

Startled from perches, doves settled around her,

Watching the moment she was about to reward me.

Humbled I knelt, as she held out the cushion,

My heart in pursuit of a wish to come true.

After placing the cushion, she lifted the crown,

Saying, This and my love, and my life, for you.

My head was adorned, my eyes were cast down,

Doves gathered closer as she took my right hand.

As I started to rise, my face brushed her gown.

Hopes raced through mountains in a faraway land.

First touch, first kiss, all around became surreal,

She was beaming, radiant and I felt I was too.

From the balcony, the cheering, seemed so unreal,

As we leaned close, unrehearsed, in unison,

We whispered, I love you……………….

To love and to cherish, from this day on,

We yearn to know when this day will be,

But dreams are the seed and this day will flower,

With the power of love, it’s inevitable… you see.

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