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Rusty Broadspear

I've never met my companion, howard.
We've never spoken but I've heard his voice.
An OK chap with the slap of a coward.
Gets me what he thinks I want - no choice.

howard is a multitude, a people parasite.
Everyone hosts a howard, a smiley friend,
Steering emotions, stirring addictions, despite
Unerring threat of eviction to the very end.

howard perpetually preys, to progress mankind.
I see him handsomely dressed, without a face.
Very matey, not easy to ignore, or push behind,
Somewhat, a dodgy nature, lacking a certain grace.

Whilst howard gives us much, he steals more,
Largely unnoticed, until we admit desperation.
Then howard blasts into minds, a fungal spore,
With a grin, we can't see, of contented domination.

howard's not all bad, providing balance, stability.
Bright facade with rotten core, enhances the good.
The electric chair draws closer, I accept responsibility.
Too late maybe, (and for all of us), I/we should have understood.

As they strap my limbs, I apologise,
To all persons, with the name of Howard.
he has no name, they're all the same........I close my eyes,
And see God and know release, from that relentless coward.

God sends His love......I'm incredibly weak........
I leave you in His hands......and take note.....
For these are God's words that I speak.........
Ignore howard, for he is always there...........
Search for Me, Love, Light and Peace - however remote.

I am waiting to be found.

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