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I Have Your Eyes


Rusty Broadspear

I have your eyes within my heart

I have your heart within my eyes

Feeling what you see,

Seeing lows and highs.

I have your hand within my hand

Walking ‘neath English skies

And in my mind I always hear

Those sultry, purple, needy sighs.

I have your wisdom by my side

And our God is everywhere.

Walking meadows alone with you,

An answer to a prayer.

I take you to the highest hill

That overlooks the sea

And hug you warm, against the wind……

And stand alone reflectively.

The wind grows teeth

Burrowing underneath clothes,

Chomping, tearing at flesh.

Far below, it whips up sea spray.

A fishing trawler laden with a night's harvest

Bucks and dives towards home.

High above

A lone gull effortlessly wind surfs.

Close by, a paper cup

Traces irregular arcs across the grass,

Coming to rest between my feet.

It has a white seam, a white lip.

For the most part it is royal blue,

With golden print, reading

‘I’m nuts for you.’

The wind plays pan pipes on the cup,

The gull soars and gladly cries,

The trawler’s home and ropes are thrown

And I have your heart

And I have your eyes.

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