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I Love You


Rusty Broadspear

I love you

Over said

Over stated

Sometimes true

At times a lie

One four three

Lovers code

I love you

Followed by

With all my heart

Tears you apart

Tears from the heart

When you know

Its not true

So what about when

You dont know?

Time to cry?

Say goodbye?

To throw on your coat?

Leave a note?

And with a lump in your throat

Just go?


Torn, broken, abused

Weakened, diluted

Cheapened, prostituted



I love you

Is sometimes said

As the light goes out

Warm in bed

The stars through the window

Decorate the sky

Unaware of an illicit affair

And the one, four, three

The lie.

As I drive this electronic night

For me, I believe, tis true

Harmonic waves linger, despite

My reluctance

To say, I love you.

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