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It's Not My Party


Rusty Broadspear

As an outsider looking in.
The party's in full swing,
Jeremy the surveyor has taken the top of his head off,
People look in and see nothing.
Part of Janet's brain has died,
She's on her seventh gin.
She's groping Andrew
Asking when the party will begin.
Andrew the bank clerk
Falls back onto the music machine,
The music stops,
Janet throws up,
Then she turns green.
Jenny the hostess
Ignores the mess,
Restarts the music
And straightens her dress.
She's holding the party
'Cos her husband's dead,
And left her with money
And a half empty bed.
Across the room,
She eyes up Mike,
He's got a Porsche
And a BMW motorbike.
Martin and Lewis are sharing a chair
Lewis loves Martin
But Martin doesn't care,
He's in love with himself
And his yellow dyed hair.
Mike spots Jenny
Heading his way.
Janet swallows her eighth,
And starts to sway.
Mike turns around
And heads for the door
Thought it was out but it was the bedroom.
Jenny pushes him in and onto the floor.
The music went soft
The lights dipped dim
The general atmosphere
Started to swim.
Some people got close,
Some further apart.
Then some of them left
Having fallen in love.
I took my smile all the way home.

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