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Judgement Day


Rusty Broadspear

His hand dwarfed the spyglass.

Eyes of wisdom, watery, ancient.

The spyglass engulfed the city.

He leaned close

And He watched events.

And they were not aware,

They scuttled

And played out their lives.

And they went about

Jobs and jobbing,

Dealing and stealing,

School and schooling,

Mugging and raping,


Towers fell…..

While making babies.

While falling in love.

Preparing a meal,

Sharing a meal,

Laughing, sobbing,

Seriously writing,

Screaming in terror,



So many events.

A bright morning.

Only one man, selling newspapers

In front of a deli,

On the corner of a crowded street,

Knew of the spyglass.

A young man whose heart was breaking.

Who’d asked His Father

To see for himself.

And to sit in judgement.

The young man looks up

At the overly bright Sun

And a tear falls.

And the old man looks down

With equal sadness.

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