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Locked Doors, Locked People, Locked Minds


Rusty Broadspear

I find myself motionless, inactive, blank,

Turn, turn, turnaround, nowhere to go.

Unshakeably grounded, locked out

Washed up and on the rocks - Hello!!

Anyone there? Can someone let me in?

All around me, is inert, inactive, numb,

Locked doors, locked people, locked minds

What have I, or what have they, become?

A sense of fatalism, circumstances dictated.

Tears swell, I let them fall

They turn to ice and shatter at my feet.

Another locked door, in another brick wall.

Tendrils of my mind reach out far and away,

In search of a mind that has something to say.

But they reach locked people,

With locked minds, I stand alone in dismay.

I feel dejected and totally rejected,

Like an old wedding bouquet lying by the road.

My whole being, on the verge of collapse

As my spirit erodes, as my thoughts explode.

Locked doors, locked people, locked minds.

Behind one of the doors, there may be someone like me.

Oh to see that face and enjoy spiritual embrace,

And to make my escape and forever fly free.

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