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Love and Peace


Rusty Broadspear

Hey Ė Iíve never experienced this
Iím 38 just been promoted
Sitting next to Julie my wife
Sam and Sarah are in front.
First flight for me and the wife
First total experience for the kids.
Iím a salesman for catering equipment
Iíve done well
Well letís see, won this holiday.

Thatís when the swarthy men
With swarthy attitudes
Left their seats at once
Grabbed Sam and Sarah, slit their throats
And said there was a bomb aboard.
I grabbed Juanita saying pray, pray pray.

Fate slapped us in the face
But as I held Juanitaís head
There was a serene calm.

I stared into His face.
Sending us to Satan
In the name of Allah Iíll be damned
Everybody screamed
The heavy engines of this jet screamed
As it banked
As it turned.
How can children seem so important?
How can my life seem like a switch?
That turns a light off and turns a light on.
The speakers announced
A trip to Satan, oblivion
And that He was going to Mohammed.

As we hit that light
We found prefect peace and truth.
And what we found is left to be discovered.

This is not an indictment on religion, there are common threads, which would 
Promote one religion. I. E. Though shalt not kill. In my own household I suffer
swearing and the like but I have always banned the word hate. HATE is one of the
few emotions that are unique to the human/animal world.

I vote for Love and Peace


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