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Man and Boy


Rusty Broadspear

It was one of them filthy nights, swirling rain.
I was late out of school 'cos of exam revision.
Mum knew about it, so I wouldn't have to explain.
I was running on empty, hungry; a boy on a mission.

When - without warning .........................

The man's hand was big, hairy, dirty and rough.
It gripped my hand and most of my arm too.
I tried to keep up with his strides, it was tough,
Often my legs dragged, I even lost a shoe.

Never saw his face, his flapping coat blocked my view.
Anyway, I was crying, lost my voice, couldn't scream.
My arm twisted up my back and that's when I knew
There was much worse to come and it wasn't a dream.

The night rain made his grip slippy, nearly got away,
But he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.
His coat smelt awful, I saw wet concrete and began to pray,
I asked for Superman and wished I was bigger, older.

Then he threw me face down into weeds and dirt,
Told me not to look; I was cold, I started to shake.
He grunted and swore a lot, I think he was a pervert.
Mum told me about them, my head began to ache.

Next thing I knew, there was lights and lots of police.
When they punched and kicked him, the man cried.
They threw him into a van. It went quiet. A kind of peace.......
They said I was lucky and it would be best to forget what happened.
I couldn't, I never have, no matter how hard I've tried.

It was a lot of years ago - yesterday, I entered my teens.
The family never mention it but soon the man walks free.
Mum says they should put his thing in a 'thing guillotine.'
But whatever they do - sometimes, when it's quiet and I'm alone,
I still cry stupidly.

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