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More Hurtful than the Sword


Rusty Broadspear

Words can cut and slice

Disintegrate the heart

Chop and dice

Words can pull apart

Hurt so much

Extract painful tears

Like the acid touch

Of daggers and spears

Words can shame

Bring one down

Fitness into lame

Smile into frown

Words can kill

Breathing days

Become lifeless, still

Sunshine to greys

Climbing to falling

Heights to lows

Soft words to calling

All hope goes

Down slippery slope

Words give chase

Leaving behind hope

In despair's embrace

Words sharp as knives

Cut knots that are tied

Cleaving lives

Separate, divide

Bring all undone

With the brutal speed

Of the firing of a gun

Result guaranteed

Happiness to sad

Life on hold

Goodness to bad

Such warmth to cold

Such hurt

In heart so deep

Not one to revert

To comfort sleep……….

Ask why words of affection

Suddenly disappear

Leaving dejection

A fausty buccaneer

Not one to apply weight

These words will reappear

Be patient and wait

Above all stay sincere.

Words we select, choose, use, shake and take

Feelings are a gift so fine, we cannot break.

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