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Rusty Broadspear

Unwelcome winds rush through gaps round windows and door,

While cockroach and vermin share my stone floor.

Each night, as the candle is lit and the stars are reborn,

My work awaits as company, through to dawn.

I select a quill and prepare to spill my thoughts,

Of past, future, friends, and distant lover of sorts.

Stowing away hunger, I write about my distant love,

She's around me, inside me, below and above.

If I knew where to row or stowaway to, I would have gone

Long time since. I'm aware she's there and I have done

All in my power. At this late hour I feel her near,

As quill scratches parchment that catches a tear.

How do I know she shares my time, but over the seas?

Life doesn't give answers or hold guarantees.

But she's there alright and if my life ends tomorrow,

'Twill be worth any anguish, despair or sorrow.

She knows she has my heart, I give her also my breath,

I give her my life.

I have also taken.

I have held her inner beauty,

Bathed in her warmth, oh yes I have taken her

Just as time as been distorted for the two of us.

Giving and taking in an unreality, so very real,

An unreality given by God,

Without which

The wild wind reached bestial force

Smashing the door from its hinges,

Piles of parchment took off like wild geese

Vermin scattered

And a lonely man clutched his heart

And before him was a vision

Of his ethereal love

Silently mouthing her love for him

His final parchment was in his hand

He held it out

She took it enchantingly, blowing a kiss.

And as he died he was smiling,

Knowing for sure, this was forever.

She awoke in a distant land,

Trying to recollect a powerful dream.

Waking happy but with tears.

The wind blew strong through the open window

Bearing a parchment.

She retrieved it and very soon

She remembered her dream.

She whispered her goodbyes

With a heavy and hopeful heart.

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