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Rainbows and Flowers


Rusty Broadspear

Rainbows and flowers,

And everything grand,

Warm April showers

On the greenest of land.


There isn’t a time

Or even a place,

Where I haven’t wandered

Or been face to face


With a vision of love,

So happy and sad,

With Angels above

So good and so bad.


Tree tops and tear drops,

Heaven and Earth,

Blackbird singing…

My love's given birth


To an illusion of wonder,

And a dream of a dream

With lightening and thunder,

And the moon… clotted cream.


She comes and she goes,

The air is left still.

A deep empty void,

With damp morning chill.


Fairgrounds and people,

Perfect peace and noise.

Silhouetted church steeple

And the shout of little boys.


I’m alone, alone

But not for very long…

She promised, she promised,

I heard it in a song,


I heard it in the breeze,

That played amongst the trees.

I saw it in her picture…

Come back love... come back please!

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