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Road of Sighs


Rusty Broadspear

She was visiting deep sleep

Bags packed the day before

She smiled, dreamily.

Excitement and sadness

Raced through my veins.

My dented pillow was dark,

Her hair was lit,

By a blade of moonlight.

I took in her warmth,

Remembering days past,

Some good, some bad,

Always knowing

They wouldn't last.

An impossible task,

To silently close the door,

Whilst thinking goodbye.

Son's door wide open,

His young life

Strewn across the floor,

Long gone to uni,

Who could want for more.

Other son's door closed,

Closed people,

Closed minds,

Springs to mind,

But he's good you'll find.

Cold air claws,

I look back at the house

Of our dreams,

And it seems

Like I've been snatched

Reborn, rehatched.

The car waits so coldly,

Early morning frost

Melt the headlights,

But I walk boldly

And the key doesn't turn,

At first, but then it does.

Familiar roads in the rearview

And unsaid goodbyes,

And then the road ahead,

The road of sighs.

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