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Shadow Moments


Rusty Broadspear

Alone in candlelight

I raise the glass to my shadow,

A silent toast,

To humanity.

Words escape my thoughts

And are


Around the walls of the room.

Cigar smoke

Mingles and dances

With candle smoke,

A haze

Of blues and greys.

The heavy drapes hang still

So velvet soft

Hushing the atmosphere

To the quiet

Of a deserted Chapel.

I walk over to the dresser

And pick up an orange.

My shadow picks up

A shadow orange.

I contemplate

For stretched moments

Distances travelled

By this wholesome fruit.

Does my shadow have such thoughts?

I think not.

He stands stooped

He drops his shadow orange

He falls heavily

To his knees.

I watch this with

Profound sadness,

And hold my head

And cry.

He looks up and cocks his head

As if asking why.

I crawl across the room

And snuff the candle

And snuff my shadow

Without a goodbye.

Alone in darkness,

No words dancing the walls,

I hear not

And I fear not

As I lie foetal

And visit sleep.

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