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Rusty Broadspear

Like vibrant notes flicked from xylophone keys
Into a balmy Caribbean night on a silver beach,
Her sparkling persona outshines moonlit seas,
Cascading down, bringing Heaven within reach.

My Star burns bright as she stands beside me.
No need for words because like birds in flight,
Momentary, exquisite, then gliding free,
To domains unknown, behind veils of night.

My Star becomes my aura, a Heavenly delight,
And when she smiles, my heart spills desire.
The stars wink out into the blackness of night,
My Star is here, brighter, than I could aspire.

Star Lady, Star bright
Lighting shady frowns.
Star bright, day, night,
Wear her Starry crown.

Black, white, Starlight
Glimmering colours too.
So bright, so slight,
Ever shining through.

Starburst take me
To your very source.
Lead me willingly
Along uncharted course.

I wear your Starry crown
Star Lady, Star bright.
You light my shady frowns,
Star bright, day, night.

And on the silver beach, somewhere warm,
The stars wink out into the blackness of night.
As she lights the dolphins, as they perform,
My soul ignites, takes flight, into her light.

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