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Starry Eyes


Rusty Broadspear

The warmest heart and starry eyes

Tropical sun and deep blue skies.

Together we live, together we love

In lands apart and the land above.


Love clouds rolling in our direction,

Leaving once more a bright blue section

For us to walk to hand in hand,

A kiss is a promise, in that far away land.


Stars for neighbours, planets for friends,

A clear, cool breath from an Angel sends

My love to you and yours to me

We fall asleep contentedly.


Dancing alone in a lifelong dream,

To a tune on a heartstring, our own love theme.

Champagne for two, smile from the heart,

Bonded as one, impossible to part.


She awoke to a kiss I longed to give,

Her arms around me we longed to live

Together forever… forever means life,

Darling, my loved one, please be my wife?


A dream, yes a dream, a lifetime it seems,

So far away, my dream of dreams.

If only my love life wasn’t unfair,

If I wasn’t here and you weren’t there


We’d walk up the aisle, to the sound of the choir,

Our hearts would be lifted higher and higher,

Our parents singing, a baby cries……

I love you… I love you… my starry eyes.

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