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Stew and Mike


Rusty Broadspear

Ssssee, when you're a sssnake

You can ssslip under de doors

And when you're friends a mole

He can crawl under de floors.

Don't know who you are.

But me? They all know me as Ssssstew,

And mole's name is Mike,

Sssssso Sssstew and Mike make two.

Grown ups are sssso ssscared of us

But children know Mike and me as mates

And while grownups are sssso ssssilly

All the kids ssssay Hi, they're great.

If Mum, Dad, or big Ssssister make you cry,


Instantly Mike'll pop out the floor

I will sssslide under the door

And we'll both be there to help you.

I will sssssslither up to the grown ups

Mike will jump up and we'll make them ssscream.

And you can hide behind a chair

Pretending that you're not there..

Ssssssuch a cunning plan kids,

Ssssssuch a ssssssneaky ssssscheme.

Sssso, if ever you're in any bother,

Ssssscream for Mike and Ssssstew

We're always there, we're everywhere,

Waiting to help kids like you sssssssssssssssssss.

Sssssssee you little people sssssoon

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