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Strangers In Love


Rusty Broadspear

Silver confetti rains down, firing a myriad of colour,

As the music swings softly and our cheeks lightly touch.

We’re laughing at nothing, knowing we’ve found something.

Rockswaying to the rhythm and in love so very much.

A faint romantic melody tags along out to the balcony,

We sit facing – bathing in the cream light of the Moon.

Eyes full of happy tears, she’s radiant and she glows,

Two hearts beat together within our private cocoon.

While, across the table, our fingers meet – electrifying -

Her eyes offer promises wrapped in love’s sweet caress

Her hand, so light in mine, sends and receives our secrets.

So many emotions, and no need to unearth words to express.

The shimmering sea was ladened with a host of jewels,

As we walked barefoot and so close, along the shoreline,

Tasting the warm salty air, filled with delight and tension.

Such rapturous, memorable moments, within the Grand Design.

We hear the regular beat of the tide from our private dune,

Lying side by side, dreaming as one, under sequinned skies,

Unclothed and secure, we ride the waves in loving unison,

Parallel lives converging and witnessed in mirrored eyes.

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