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The Tweaze - Part One


Rusty Broadspear

The bowl of sugar stood in the centre of the table,

The Tweaze slid surreptitiously down into the sweetness.

Hidden, apart from the tip of one micro-thin antennae,

It lay still with the slyest of discreetness.

The dining room was empty, until little Pollyanna entered.

She stood with chin on table, sensing the tempting fruit,

Lemons, limes, oranges, raspberries, apples and baby bananas,

Pulling on her ringlets, she thought the bananas quite cute.

Her tiny hands peeled and plopped a cute fruit into a dish,

She craved sugar, but even on tippytoes, it was just out of reach.

She wasn't aware, as she climbed onto a chair

Of a near silent, but sibilant, sputtering screech.

There was no spoon, so she dug in with her fingers,

She sprinkled a little but then wanted more.

She didn't usually misbehave and thought she was brave,

But what she got, was not what she'd bargained for.

In her hand was a creature with a mouth but no face,

Two legs, antennae, round body and a pincer like claw.

She had a feeling it was weird, as it lay still in her hand,

Although she'd known nothing like it before.

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