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Rusty Broadspear

Why wear your worries sweetheart? I plead thee to discard.

Armour with my deepest love, and hold thy chin on high.

Fighteth all and time itself, the elements and all that's hard.

Grip the reins aside of me, my love, for our time is nigh.

With solemn oath I'll sweep you, fulfill you with your worth.

Such a precious maiden, 'tis impossible to be found.

Your fires gloweth by the Breath of God, coals from the very Earth.

I'm sitting solitary on bed of stone, such sweet thoughts abound.

I hear your laughter, see your voice, I'll leadeth to your desire.

Grant your wishes, heed your life, give my life unto you.

Under common sky and stars, my hopes raised so much higher,

And as a thought or dream, you fill my heart through and through.

When the dragon of time is slayed and days apart are played,

When the crossroads are in sight and ripe the moment to unite,

'Tis when trepidation is allayed, no longer time to be afraid.

And this moment I will cherish, in dreams of you tonight.

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