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Rusty Broadspear

When trying to treat life seriously

It makes me feel quite unwell

If I look at life deliriously

Then mouldy thoughts, I dispel.

Imagine a government meeting

Sober suits with faces to match.

Now see them naked and bleating,

Searching for something to scratch.

They'd look decidedly silly

When one tries to make a firm stand.

And feeling distinctly chilly,

Ideas would be hard to expand.

Failing to look firm and rather stern

Attentive to the sombre narration,

In walks Britney, re animal welfare,

In unison, they rise to the occasion.

So OK a new war hasn't started,

They all have everything in hand.

'Twas Heinz at the back who departed

He deserves to be banned or canned.

So you see, if you feed me waste,

Then that's when I really excel.

Stern, solemn thoughts, firmly displaced,

And they call me the trivia well.

Throw me a useless trivial fact

Then it sinks to God knows where.

But its kept, its safe, safely packed,

For me to use when I want, so beware

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