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Rusty Broadspear

Excruciating silent torture,

Brain in a blender,

Mind mail warning, Act dead

Who was the sender?

Sensory deprivation,

I slide through pools of blood,

Coagulation, humiliation,

Inhale, exhale its good.

Shoes, dark strides,

A barrel of steel strokes my hair,

Legs abound, surround,

My ride awaits prepare!

Screaming hobgoblins

Gesticulate and point,

Wishing me the very worst,

Hey lads! I won't disappoint!

Undistilled suffering

Slithers upward from my toes,

You know I slept with Jimmy Hendrix

But that's how life goes.

A woman without character,

Carrying a body that generally fits,

Takes a stance and stands a chance,

But finally admits

Wrong company, wrong crowd,

Let me be, oh let me be!

I feel the knife seeping my life,

Living in the world of cruelty.

Turn over, look up,

Foot sinks into my belly,

Insignificant stars float by,

Something nasty in the air, something smelly.

Hand down my pants, I grab my gun,

Magnetism pumps up the air,

I feel a blast - I was grassed,

Now I live elsewhere.

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