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Rusty Broadspear

These words are tumbling ceaselessly and shattering silently before they hit the ground,

Bursting into kaleidoscopic colour, a myriad of streaks and motes.

I see statements, promises, questions, pledges, compliments, I love you's, and lies.

The very air, which is endowed with colour, turns tragically into grey and white.

These words are served upon a china plate whose edge is decorated in blue and gold.

The meat is the very essence of an assurance, the substance of a lover's pact,

The salad is the flowery language that decorates a sworn statement of fidelity,

The potatoes are the filling, the stuffing, the contents that make up the package in any form.

These words we see on a journey with the family in the car or travelling alone on the train.

The trees or the street lights flash by, scorning and scoffing, no commitment whatsoever.

The undulating fields and pastures present themselves, and then exit gracefully

Like a promise made which you know to be true, but at a later date somehow, eludes you.

These words we see in the weather, an electric storm, a ferocious argument, followed by

A sultry sunny morning when all is warm and safe and the words are sugary and sweet and

Then followed by the fog, silent, serene, and sticky little whispers laced with panic

Followed by an ice-cold starlit night when whispers are shouted and the truth is heard by all.

These words are on the electronic highway, inaccurate, improper, not true, no substance.

Click here to win, click here to lose, click anywhere for all you'll find is words.

Download the life of Maggie O'Brian, she's quite a woman and you know we're not lyin', 

Send me your number at my e mail address, for whatever you want, you know I'll say yes.

These are the words that you'll hear every day, like thanks very much and have a nice day.

The weather's turning cold and no you don't look too old and I hope we'll meet again, and

I think that dress suits you and do you think this dress suits me and I'm washing my hair tonight

Words that are bright and sparkling, full of feel-good, before they run and take flight. 

But some words are born from deep within the heart

To a face or through a medium and many miles apart.

Deeper than any love and guided by God's hand

To another face or maybe carried to a far and distant land.

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