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Rutaksha Rawat

Oh infidelity is such a shame,
it gives love a repulsive name,
when the wife's not looking
he's with the parlour maid.
It could be a husband, it could be a lover,
"A man is a man", and what's there more to say.

The simplest thing in a man's life
is to cheat on his lover and lie to his wife.

Lies, lies, pretensions and masks,
is that how one makes a marriage last?

She mostly knows of it,
she's mostly well aware,
but who for infidelity a marriage want to tear?

Oh how could she forgive him?
How could she overlook?
How could she swallow pride and tears and let him off the hook?
She laid her life for him and five minutes is all it took?

Oh infidelity is such a shame,
it gives love a dirty name,
the "I love you" all seem so shallow
and the excuses sound so very lame.
Someone please explain to them
that love and lust can never be the same.

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