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Gypsy The Brave


Sandra Wilson

Hello! My name is Gypsy! I take Grandma for a walk every afternoon at four o'clock. This is very hard work for a little dog. Grandma needs to be organised and constantly reminded to collect the leash, put on her walking shoes, and bring a couple of bags in case there is any rubbish to pick up. Eventually, we are on our way.

I start off at a brisk pace, pulling Grandma along with me. It is not easy. Grandma likes to stop and smell things. One day she wandered right into another garden. I had a hard time getting her out, but as soon as a large dog bounded towards us she moved fast enough!

Since that time Grandma doesn't wander into strange yards. We stay on the other side of the fences and I bark loudly just to let the other dogs know that Grandma is about. Grandma gets very agitated when the other dogs rush up to the fences and start making a fuss. Just as well I always have the other end of the leash or who knows what might happen!

Last week we were out on one of our usual jaunts. Grandma was sniffing flowers and things. I was being very patient and only giving the leash an occasional tug when out of nowhere leapt this huge Doberman!
Grandma screamed and rushed toward him. She was very excited, almost frothing at the mouth!
I got a terrible fright! The dog was much bigger than Grandma!

Quickly, I pulled on the leash, taking Grandma with me to the safety of the other side of the road. The Doberman followed.

Where was the owner? I looked about frantically for some assistance! Nothing! I turned to confront the Doberman. Making eye contact I growled "Git! Go on git!" Not too sure that I wouldn't have to whisk Grandma away in a hurry.

Surprised and none too happy, the Doberman came to a sudden halt, obviously confused by the unexpected opposition. I was very relieved and a bit shaky. Grandma was all for a bit more action, however, she did come away with me, although a little reluctantly.

Of course the whole neighbourhood eventually heard of this adventure. Grandma is inclined to boast about her part in the drama. Most folk realise that she exaggerates somewhat and they give me a quick nod and a wink, fully appreciative of my part in proceedings. No one wants to hurt Grandma's feelings.

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