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All villagers came out from their huts because their leader, the mighty Or was going on a trip to find new hunting lands. Every winter, it was his duty as a tribe leader to do it. And he stood there in the middle of a crowd of people who would gladly give up their lives for him - stood strong and mighty above all of the people in the crowd, because the tallest person in his tribe would be a head lower then him. His wife cuddled to his mighty, strong shoulder, and his kids were running around playing tag. He was saying a speech and nobody even breathed - everybody wanted to hear what their tribe leader had to say. Even kids stopped rolling in the mud, and playing. Or was speaking - that meant everybody listened.

He was telling them that once again he needs to look for more lands, and again he was leaving his family, and his tribe. Everybody nodded their heads like they always did, trusting that their mighty leader was right. The new one was called Pretend. Easy to guess who everybody pretended to be. Or was only twenty-nine by that time, but even the oldest members in his tribe listened to him and recognized his leadership. It was time - the sun had reached the middle of the sky, which meant not a lot of day was left, so it was time to go out there. Many men cried, and one of them fell into hysterical cries after saying a quick speech on behalf of the tribe. It was a sad moment which engraved in everybody's mind for the rest of the life. Or hugged his wife one last time before leaving, kissed his two sons, and waved to his tribe. He was already far away and he still heard the cries of suffering.

Or was walking in the foggy, chilly weather. The weather was really cool but he just kept walking, because he knew the faster he moved the faster he would return to his spot beside his family hearth. And so he went on, and on. He did not need to rest, he was a man who had muscles made of steel, health of iron, will of silver, and a heart of gold. He did not like hunting because he considered it as killing of nature. On the other hand, he understood that without it his tribe would die of hunger. So he went on. He remembered his tribe. It was a terrible ache in his heart. Then the ache in his heart got worse.

He remembered his family. He remembered his wife Ora giving him that last look with her beautiful, blue, and shiny eyes. Or's eyes watered. Than he remembered his two sons Tar and Tor. Tar was twelve by that time, and Tor was ten. Or increased his pace. He had as many provisions as was needed to feed a young man for a month. If some sudden things would happen, like wolves eating all his provisions at night, Or could easily provide himself with meat by hunting. Deer meat is very good after cooked on a fire and rabbit meat is perfectly fine for a quick snack. When the sun was down Or made a fire. He ate some fresh apples from a nearby tree, ate some meat, and drifted off to sleep.

The sun did not yet show, but one bird was already singing, and Or was already walking. It was a hard trail, because he needed to go up the mountain. He saw the old stub. He remembered how he stopped here last time, sat down, and looked at the beautiful scenery. No time to do it now. As he continued his path he noticed a nice meadow with tall grass. He thought how easy it would be to prepare a trap for an animal in this tall grass. He looked around and saw no animals. He thought - if there would be any animals up here, I could go home. And answering his thoughts a herd of deer ran by.

Now Or had a choice to investigate this place or to go on. Suddenly, he remembered his family. Or decided to stay. The sun was high in the sky when he finished the job. This meadow had good moisture, and a low number of predators. At first Or was happy, and turned back home, but then one little thing caught his attention. Even though he did not like hunting, he was an experienced hunter, and he understood that deer do not like to go out in an open field without a reason. Or understood that something serious was happening, and as much as he wanted to turn back to his village, something inside of him was telling him to move forward. Inside of him was the battle of two different feelings. Finally he decided to move forward to the top of the mountain.

A few minutes later Or heard a loud noise. It was even louder than a crowd of mammoths running. Or prepared to meet whatever he was to face. In a few minutes he was surrounded by a crowd of animals. It was not just one kind of animal; it looked like all the animals in the forest. The weird thing was that no one cared about eating someone else. The lion ran with the rabbit, the python crawled with mice.

In a minute everybody was gone, and the only sound Or could hear was the animal tread far, far away. Or was sweating to the bone in his cloth made out of skin of the saber-toothed tiger that he hunted a month ago. Or understood that the animals must have a reason to act like this, and his fear was telling him to run home, but he still had the feeling that if he didn't go forward then something really bad will happen. Unlike all of them I am a human, and I have to go on for my family, for my tribe. - he thought.

And Or continued his path up the mountain. Then Or began talking to himself - What could scare the animals so much?! Maybe fire in the forest no - then I would see smoke. Maybe a herd of mammoths had gone mad, but then again I would hear them breath. A large earthquake happened. Or fell down, and was lucky not to break any bones .He was really amazed - What was that? Who is so powerful to make the earth shake? Even the gods I believe in cant do that much damage! - But as far he could think nothing had enough power to shake the earth.

Or ran. The earth was still slightly shaking, and Or had a feeling like the whole mountain was moving under his legs. He was eager and afraid to find out what was behind all of this. While running he found a big old hollow oak. He decided to hide inside and find out what happens.

And suddenly, a legend flashed through his mind. It was a legend that had been passed on for generations. It told him a fire breathing mountain, which could spit liquid fire and black snow which could easily kill. This mountain was powerful enough to shake the earth, and its expiration was dark smoke, which could create a poisonous rain. This mountain's name was the VOLCANO. Now everything made sense.

What now? - Or thought - black snow? liquid fire? another earth shaking moment? Oh no! My village is endangered! Need to protect my people! Need to protect my farm. There was a loud crack. Or decided to run to his village which was located down at the bottom of a volcano. He knew that it was almost impossible to make it in time. He didn't care. His duty was to protect his wife, children, and people in his tribe. He needed to do it; he was their only hope to survive. He got out of the tree with a struggle, and ran. He fell when another earthquake struck. He did not expect everything to end so quickly. He did not break anything, and he could have gotten up and ran, but he realized it was all useless. It is truly the end...

Or's thoughts were interrupted by a large flash in the air. There it is! - he said to himself. The liquid fire started to work its way down the mountain. It was coming down slowly as if it wanted to prolong his suffering. Or kept muttering to himself - This is the end, this is the end, this is the end The fire had already absorbed the old, hollow oak it is coming closer. NO! My children are too young to die! NO! Ora! I will never see you again! I will never hear your laugh! I will never say another speech in front of my tribe! NO! NO! NO!!!!! And then Or looked up in the sky, and howled like a wild beast! And the people in his village came out of their huts and said - What is happening? Who could make such an agonic howl? Or could already smell fire, feel fire, breath fire.

There wasn't any chance left. And Or looked into the sky and started praying hot and passionately. - Let I be cursed by my tribe, and banished forever. Let the people in my tribe forbid my name. Let me never see my sons Tar, and Tor again. Let me not embrace my wife for eternity. Make me forced to wander without a place to stay my entire subsequent life. Let me be forever abandoned by other people, but, gods, mercy my tribe, my wife, my sons - Tor and Tar, and me. Save them from an awful death.
And the liquid fire was two steps away. Getting closer, and closer, and closer.

A Man lay on the grass, hearing the noise of the approaching fire. His face was inverted to the sky. His eyes were closed. He was similar to the corpse, and only his lips were moving soundless - Make me be forced to wander.

Or, Or wake up! Or opened his eyes. He saw Ora who was standing with a smile, as graceful as always. Hi dear! - she exclaimed - it is time for your journey. Or didn't get what had just happened. He was there on the ground then a liquid fire came he could already feel it. he began praying Yes! That's it! The gods heard my pray! - Or thought. He dressed up and went outside.

All of the villagers came out from their huts to say goodbye to Or, who was going to find new hunting lands. He stood there in the middle of a sad people in his tribe - stood strong and mighty above all the people there. His wife tried to cuddle to his mighty, strong shoulder, but Or gently pushed her away, and said no". His kids were running around playing tag. Or didn't even look at them once. Or was talking and nobody even breathed - everybody wanted to hear their tribe leader. Or just said two sentences. I have to leave you all. I will never come back, and don't ask me why"

Even kids stopped rolling in the mud, and playing. Everybody opened their mouth. Or added that he was leaving his family, and his tribe under the charge of his wife. Everybody began shouting - What are you doing Or? Why are you leaving us?! They shook their heads. Kids stopped playing. Easy to guess why. Or was only twenty-nine by that time, but even the youngest members in his tribe didn't listen to him right now and were arguing.

It was time; the sun had reached the middle of the sky, which meant not a lot of a day left, so time to go out there. Many men even tried to threaten him, and a lot of women including Ora tried to beg him, but he was as cold as ice. At least that what it looked like in outward appearance. It was a sad moment which engraved in everybody's mind for the rest of their lives. Or looked at his people one last time before leaving. He was already far away and he still heard the curses from his people- Why did you leave us?! Let the dark forces of the whole world get you!  Or already knew he was cursed. He looked straight at the bright sun and said only one word.


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