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The Alien Catastrophe


Schuylar March

Two space ships were up in space. Two aliens from different planets were at the controls of each space ship. The Martian blasted out a missile. The Legonian moved her space ship out of the way. The missile headed straight towards Earth! The missile was nearing New York City. Bob ran out of the way of the approaching missile. The missile hit a nearby building and the building fell down! Bricks about hit Bob, but Susie grabbed Bob and ran away with him. The battle in space continued. While the battle was continuing, another space ship landed on the the ground. Bill, William, and Martha were walking by when an alien leader flew out of the space ship and kidnapped the three friends for scientific experiments. Bob and Susie both were martial artists, so they thought that they could help. The alien leader put the three friends in the space ship. The space ship went up in the air. When the space ship was up in the air, Bob and Susie jumped on the top of the space ship. Before the space ship reached outer space, Bob used his knife to cut a hole into the space ship. Bob and Susie went through the hole and saw three aliens. Bob kicked one alien in the face. Susie punched a different alien in the nose. Then, Bob stabbed the last alien. The alien fell down, dead. The two aliens charged! The two heroes jumped out of the way. Then, they knocked the aliens against the wall and they blacked out.

Part 2:

The two heroes went farther down the spaceship, to a different room. They saw another alien. The alien charged towards them and the heroes jumped out of the way. Susie kicked the alien in the leg and punched the alien in the stomach. Bob threw the alien into another room and locked the door. They ran towards another room, the pilot's room. They saw the pilot. Bob knocked them out with a piece of metal that he found in the space ship. Susie looked for the three friends and saw that they were locked in a cage. Susie found the key and unlocked the cage. The three friends got out. Bob was heading towards home, using the controls. They saw that the earlier battle was over (both aliens quit). They landed in New York City to tell about their adventures.

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