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The Web Surfer


Schuylar March

I was at the mall, eating a burger and fries from Burger King, when a computer attacked me! The computer, that came from a famous computer store, wrapped a cord around me. It pulled me toward it. When I was right by it, the computer pulled out a sword from inside it. Then a man’s face appeared on the computer screen. The man on the computer screen said, “I hate you! You have defeated all the criminals that I have sent out to destroy you! The reason why I want to destroy you is that you like to read books! I hate reading; the only thing that I read is stuff that is on the computer! Now, it’s time for you to face the ultimate evil, me; the web surfer! The sword came towards me, but I took out a mini blaster. I aimed the mini blaster at the sword and fired! A laser hit the sword and then it exploded! All of a sudden, the web surfer yelled, “You’re coming with me to cyber space!”

All of a sudden, the computer and the web surfer’s face disappeared. Then after a few seconds, I started to disappear! After I disappeared, I got sent to cyber space. I got sent straight to my (older) homepage. When I got to my homepage, I landed on top of a story. Soon, Web Surfer appeared right by me; with his whole body this time. He was holding a sword. He raised the sword toward me, walked toward me with his sword poised in the air. I stepped farther back and I fell! I landed right on top of a poll. Web Surfer jumped off the story and landed on the poll. He raised his sword and swung it towards me. I dodged out of the way and sent a punch flying in his direction. My fist hit him in the head and Web Surfer got knocked out.

Then I grabbed him and jumped out of the computer! When we went out of the computer, we landed in Web Surfer’s headquarters. Web Surfer poised his sword in the air and said, “Are you ready for a sword fight? Well, I don’t care if you are ready for a sword fight. We will have a sword fight anyways”, He pulled out a sword out ofrom thin air and gave it too me. Web Surfer continued, “Now, it’s time too fight!” Web Surfer swung his sword at me, but I blocked it. I swung my sword, not at him; I swung it at a giant sized computer. The computer fell on top of Web Surfer, but after it fell on him; the computer exploded!

When Web Surfer stood up, he said, “Now it’s time too show you my full power! What caused that explosion was just one of my powers”. He put his sword down, raised his right hand, and a bright red light came out of it!
The light came right at me, but I blocked it with my sword. The light bounced off and it a mirror that was to the right side of Web Surfer. The light bounced off the mirror and hit Web Surfer. When the light hit Web Surfer, he got knocked unconscious. Then I dragged Web Surfer outside. When I got outside, I saw that Web Surfer's headquarters was in Sioux City , Iowa ! I dragged Web Master to the nearest phone and called the police. The police came and locked up Web Surfer for good. When Web Surfer revived, he saw that he was in jail.

Part 2-

A giant bat, that came from a planet that was in an earlier adventure, flew all the way to the Sioux City jail. When it got there, it breathed out fire. The fire went toward the jail. When it hit the jail’s wall, a big hole appeared in the wall. The giant bat flew through the hole and flew straight towards the jail cells. When it got there, it saw a cop. When it saw the cop, it breathed out green slime. The green slime covered the cop. The cop tried to get out of the slime, but he couldn’t move. The giant bat continued it’s mission. When it got by the cell that held Web Surfer, it breathed out a dangerous chemical. The chemical hit the bars of Web Surfer’s cell. After that, the bars on Web Surfer's cell melted. Web Surfer walked out of his cell and told the giant bat, “Now, it’s time to get revenge!”

After escaping from jail, Web Surfer and the giant bat went to a metal cloud, that somehow floated in the sky. On the metal cloud, was a large computer shaped building that was created by Web Surfer. Web Surfer got to the cloud by riding on the giant bat. When they landed, they walked into the building. Inside the building they saw a lot of villains. “SnorrelBaster, come here”, said Web Surfer. SnorrelBaster walked up to Web Surfer. SnorrelBaster was a fat green ogre that was 6 ft. SnorrelBaster can easily change his size. “What do you want, sir?” said SnorrelBaster. “I want you too go and destroy Schuylar!” said Web Surfer. “Yes, Master”, said SnorrelBaster.

SnorrelBaster flew the giant bat all the way to my school. The giant bat landed by the door of my school. SnorrelBaster got off the giant bat and opened the door. He walked inside and saw me walking to Choir. He grabbed me and pulled me outside. When I was outside, he changed his size to 50 ft! He brought his foot down, but I jumped out of the way. When I was out of the way, I jumped real high and landed on the ogre’s nose. I took off my shoes and stuffed them into his nostrils. When stuff is in ogre’s nostrils, they turn back to their normal size. The ogre returned to his normal size and yelled, “We will get you!” Then the ogre jumped on top of the giant bat and it flew away, back towards the building on the cloud.

After Snorrelbaster’s failure:

WS said, “Now, come here Tippy and Dippy.”
The two villains came to him and stood right by him. Tippy and Dippy are humanoid crocodiles.
Dippy said, “What do you want us too do?”
WS said, “I want you too destroy Schuylar”.
Tippy and Dippy said together, “Why”.
WS said, “Because I want to destroy him just for fun”.
A green lizard man came forward, his name is SKLG.
SKLG said, “But, I thought you said that you wanted too destroy him because he liked too read books.”
WM said, “That was a lie that I made up”.
SKLG said, “Oh.”
WM said, “Now, go and destroy Schuylar, Tippy and Dippy!”
Tippy and Dippy said together, “Okay, Boss!”
Tippy and Dippy jumped on a flying motorcycle and flew away, towards me.
Tippy and Dippy landed right by Shopko’s door. They went into the building, saw me, and dragged me outside. When I was outside, they pounced on me. When I was under the two villains, I took out a big blaster. I aimed the blaster at the villains and fired! A red bouncer off beam came out and hit the villains. After that, the villains blasted off towards the computer shaped building on a cloud, a metal floating cloud that is. When they landed, they saw WS and SKLG. SKLG picked them up, over his head, and went into the building with WS following. When they got into the part of the building that held jail cells, SKLG threw them into one of the jail cells.

A few days later:

I was busy digging for fossils and dinosaur bones in an excavation site, when my shovel hit something solid. I dug, dug, and dug some more; until the solid object came out of the dirt. The object was a book. I picked it up and scraped the dirt off the cover. On the cover was a skull. A cold wind came out of the book. Then the book started vibrating and fell out of my hands. When I looked at the book, something strange happened. A green glow came out of the book and hit me! After that strange things started too happen. When I got home, I touched my head and felt a big bump. I walked into the bathroom, looked into the mirror, and saw to my horror; a giant zit. The zit started getting bigger and bigger. When it was real big, the zit popped off and continued growing. Soon it was my size!

The zit chased me out of the bathroom. I ran towards the door. When I got outside, the zit came out after me. I turned around and brought out a mini blaster from my pocket. I aimed the blaster at the zit and fired! A red light came out; hit the zit, and then the zit exploded! Now all I had too do was destroy the book. I got into my plane and flew towards the excavation site. On the way there, my plane started to make weird noises; then my plane fell and landed on the ground. I got out of the plane, turned around, and saw a group of zombies heading towards me! I took out a mega sized blaster from my plane, aimed it at the zombies and fired! A green light came out; hit the zombies, and the zombies exploded! I took an emergency jetpack from my plane, put it on, and flew towards the excavation site. When I landed, by the excavation site, I saw the book. I ran towards the book, but I wasn’t the only one running towards the book, SKLG was! The reason why SKLG wanted the book because he heard that the book would gave any villain that grabbed it lots of power! I jumped forward, picked up the book, aimed a mini blaster at it, and then fired! A red light came out, hit the book, and then it exploded. After that; I put on my jetpack and flew away, towards home. After I left; SKLG yelled, “I will get you, Schuylar!”

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