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A Laborer of Love


Scott R. Jones

He was born in New York one hot summer day
With three older sisters to show him the way
A family woven with threads of love 
Their Italian hearts were soft as a dove

To Korea he went when the Army did call
Serving his country and standing real tall
When he came back home to the family he loved
His Papa had gone to his home up above

Supporting his family just like his Dad
He had to provide with all he had
To work he went without a hitch
Building those airplanes was his niche

Little time for love or kids of his own
His love for his family just carried him on
Dedicated to serve the ones he loved
Yet sacrificing the life he so deserved

Now most are gone and his age has arrived
Its time to rest before its good bye
Only one sibling is left today
His sister Florence who lives far away

But love is the bridge that crosses the miles
For his love can be felt, all the while
Still sharing his love in a special way
By painting a picture for her today

Where was the wife and family he wanted?
Just wasn't to be, in this life you see
His Mom, Sisters, children and all
Needed his love as he answered the call

He lives a life of service to all
A man of respect with a heart big and tall
A laborer of love was his call
My Uncle named Frank, who loves us all

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