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Gifts of the Seasons


Scott R. Jones

Day by day the leaves will fall
Floating in the air with no care at all
The wind whistles through the trees so tall
With the chill of Winter in its call

The snow starts to fall and covers the ground
Like a blanket of love that wraps us around
So white and pure is God's love
Like the snow He gives us from above

The sun shines bright as the snow melts away
As the golden sun starts to welcome the day
Warm rains from above will fall to the Earth
As the flowers spring forth to pronounce their birth

The birds in the sky start to stir the air
Singing their songs without a care
Behold a new birth is in the air
For love is abundant everywhere

The sun like a fire now blazes the sky
The land comes alive as the trees reach up high
Gardens aglow with the fruits of His love
Are blessings from Him who reigns from above

As the Sun moves away giving relief from the day
The leaves start to turn in a magnificent way
Prisms of color start to fill the air
Magnifying His presence, everywhere

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
God's creations aren't they all?
The beauty of change that catches our eye
Is God's bountiful Glory passing us by.

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